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Wedding Day - Hair Up or Down

One may not realize how important of a decision this can be to make for your wedding day. Why you may ask? It certainly is a matter of preference indeed, however there is nothing like seeing a blushing bride in the photos. With hair swept off the face, the photographer can capture those moments as she looks at her groom, or her face as she dances with her father. With all the beautiful styles that one can wear for their wedding, consider the up do or at the very least have it swept off the face in the front. Perhaps at the dance you can let it all down. The only downside I personally see with hair left down is if a slight wind crops up and you are outside with your groom, your hair blows over your face as he is leaning in to kiss you and he gets a mouthful of your hair and of course the photographer gets a great shot ... Thats not so bad I suppose, but its not quite the look you were going for.

Again it is a matter of personal choice and preference,

To wear your hair up or down that is the question. Me , I think wear it up, we want to see that blushing bride in a veil, and not through the veil of hair.

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